System Preview

The Global Trading System (GTS) is an advanced online, retail Forex trading platform. Exclusive to GTS traders is the most accurate price feed available in the industry.

Below are advanced featured of the GTS that are essential tools for traders

1. Main GTS Window
2. Super Rates™
3. Charts with Pattern Recognition
4. Multiple Stops and Limits
5. Trading Alerts
6. Hedging

Main GTS Window

Main Global Trading System (GTS) Window

The main window for GTS includes Market Rates, Currency Pair Summary, Account Summary and much more for an efficient trading platform.

Super Rates™

Super Rates Screen

GTS' Super Rates provides the trader with up to 3 Streaming Tick Charts and 3 different views for ten currency pairs.

Charting with Pattern Recognition

Charting with Pattern Recognition

Our industry-leading Charting Package provides Pattern Recognition, which identifies common market patterns, such as Three White Soldiers and Inverted Hammers, based on the trader's selection. Identified patterns help the trader to better recognize potential trading opportunities.

The Charting Package also allows traders to trade directly from the charts; the Buy/Sell toolbar has real-time prices.

Multiple Stops and Limits

Charting with Pattern Recognition

The GTS platform gives you the ability to attach up to five stop loss and limit orders to each trade. This feature is a valuable risk management tool. As an example, traders with a 10 lot position can leave 5 orders for 2 lots each.

Trading Alerts

Trading Alerts

GTS allows you to receive alerts via Email or SMS, upon execution of pending orders. This includes stop, limit, entry stop and entry limit orders. Below is the "Manage Order Execution Alert" window which allows you to customize the pending order message, and the recipient email address to which the alert is sent. You may set up to 5 alerts to assist your trading.



GTS is one of the few currency platforms to offer hedging. This GTS function gives traders the ability to go both long and short in the same currency pair without incurring additional margin. For example, if you have a long Euro position and do not want to close your trade, you can hedge your position by highlighting the trade and clicking the hedge button. The system will put on the opposite short trade. There will be no




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