Need something more?
Lightspeed recommends NinjaTrader for the active/professional. NinjaTrader offers advanced features such as:
  • Advanced order management
  • Advanced position management
  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Trade Automation
  • Monthly platform fee of $49


    For more information about NinjaTrader, click here for the NinjaTrader overview, or contact us for a free 14 day NinjaTrader simulated trading demo    

If NinjaTrader isn’t your cup of tea, please let us know which platform you would like to use. Lightspeed provides a variety of trading platforms to its customers.


    Order Entry Vertical Depth of Market (DOME)
    Order Types Limit, Market, Trailing Stop*, Smart Stop*, Stop Limit, Reverse, Chase if Touched, plus many others

    * Some Order Types are not supported by every exchange. Order types not supported by the exchange are Synthetic -- residing locally on the client workstation.
    Strategies Advanced Strategy Features, Bracket Orders, Multiple Targets, Smart Orders, Custom Created Strategies

    Depth of Market (DOME)

    Vertical Depth of Market Strategy-Centric DOME
    Position Display
    PnL Display for Current Strategy

    Control Center
    Multiple Strategy Position Display, Order Details, Fills, Audit Trails

    Videos & Training
    Click here to Visit NinjaTrader's Website for Detailed Guides
    Video Tutorials from NinjaTrader




















    >> equities
    Stocks - $9.99 for all stock trades, regardless of order size
    Options - $9.99 + 0.75 per contract
    >> futures
    E Contracts - $9.99 per R/T, all in.
    Outcry Contracts - $14.99 per R/T, all in.
    >> forex
    Trade the world’s largest market
    Trade 24 hours
    flexible leverage

    Member: NASD, NFA, SIPC